ManInfo - your finance adviser & accountant in the Baltics & Eastern Europe

Management Information UAB is providing financial consulting, accounting and IT services in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. We help to start-up businesses in Eastern Europe and provide business support functions, first of all accounting, local taxation advisory, financial reporting and IT full outsourcing including IT strategy and programming. We also arrange other Back office functions.

If you want to start-up business in Eastern Europe or you have business but struggling with reporting or internal processes issues please don‘t hesitate to contact Management Information UAB.

We are the first person to trust in Eastern Europe and especially Baltics.


EU project financial management & accounting
SOS Accounting - urgent help in managing accounting data or primary documents
Development of accounting and information systems, finance, accounting and procedures
Assessment of financial and accounting knowledge and experience in employee selection
Financial management & accounting training 

"Are we interested how well our financial manager plays golf of if he likes sudoku?
 We are interested how well he knows accounting.
So, if you choose work that inspires, you already have a significant advantage against those who are struggling with it."
Vidas Jankauskas "Monk who didn't buy Ferrari", Business Class by Business News in Lithuania 2007 July, page 39.

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